Crystallization Robot

The mosquito robot from ttplabtech uses small volumes of  protein sample to pipet crystallization trials in 96-well format. With a positive-displacement pipetting technique it has a high accuracy for solutions with very different viscosities. The robot can be used for sitting drop or hanging drop vapour diffusion experiments as well as for seeding or additive screens with volumes down to 100-200 nanoliters.

Plate Sealing Device

TECAN pipeting robot

Liquid Handling Device

Leica Microscope and Documentation System

Thermofluor Equipment


To find the best buffer for your protein, thermal shift assays (also called Differential Scanning Fluorimetry (DSF)) can be perform by our lab. The Thermofluor machine is a StratageneMx3005P and is a property of the Protein Production and Expression Facility (Arie Geerlof). We have 2 different screens: a buffer screen from pH 4-9.5 with different salt concentration, and an additive screen with 48 different conditions (salts, potential ligands etc.).

Computational Center